FRANCE 24 journalist Oliver Farry first came to Paris from his native Ireland some years ago to watch films and live in a garret, like many an indigent young man before him. He has since moved into better digs but still spends far too much time sitting in the dark. He has written on culture, film, literature and art for numerous publications and, though he would never admit it himself, spends half the time worrying about not getting near enough stuff seen, read or listened to.

Dog Days at the Movies

August is a month like few others, with cities and countries coming to a near standstill as temperatures rise. It has also been surprising fertile territory for filmmakers.

The Olympics at the Pictures

Films about the Olympics are few and far between but what films there are are a varied bunch.
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The Curse of the Second Palme d'Or

Michael Haneke becomes the sixth filmmaker to win two Palmes d'Ors but the past has shown directors often find it hard to move on after the second prize.

War Minus the Drumming

The Eurovision Song Contest takes place this year in Azerbaijan, a country with a poor human rights record. Politics and popular entertainment have long made strange bedfellows in the 56-year-old competition.
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Cannes Do

The 65th Cannes Film Festival opens Wednesday. To predict a winner, one need often look no further than the president of the jury. This year it is the Palme d'Or winner from 2001, the Italian Nanni Moretti.
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Claude François was the biggest-selling French singer of his time and was the creator of one of the most famous songs of the 20th century. In the English-speaking world though he is practically unknown.

Why I'm with the Académie Française in the Fight against Franglais

It's easy to sneer at the Académie française in its fight against English words infiltrating the French language but the august institution does have a point.

Getting Carried Away

Enthusiasm is a vital motor for progress but is it always a good thing?

Giving Up

You shouldn't feel too guilty about giving up on books and films halfway through...
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St. Patrick's Day - the Desert of the Real?

St. Patrick's Day is not the best place to look for genuine Irish culture but then again it's hard to tell where is...
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Enjoy the Silence

The Artist's Oscar success is not going to prompt a rush among studios to make silent films but it might find some of cinema's most wonderful films a new audience.
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A Categorically Great Writer

Georges Perec died thirty years ago this Saturday. One of the most enjoyable of French writers, his work was also marked by a tragic personal past.

The Right Film Always Wins

The Artist may not have been the best film at this year's Oscars but its success makes perfect sense.
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